Dos Chiles is the inspiration of brothers Joel and Frank De leon. A family-owned Mexican Restaurant founded in 1998, Dos Chiles is the result of a rich culinary history.

Joel and Frank’s family hail from a small village in Mexico with a population of no more than 100. In 1960, their grandparents had a small convenience store in this little town with a tortilleria (a place where they make tortillas). In 1970, they decided to move to one of  Mexico’s largest cities to open up a bigger convenience store with a Tortilleria. Over the years, they were very successful and ended opening five stores.

In 1975, Joel and Frank’s father decided to move to the US for bigger opportunities. He grew his own business and raised his family in the Dallas area. A testament to their parents and grandparents, both Joel and Frank grew up dreaming of one day owning their own business. In 1984 at the age of 16, Joel got his first job at a Mexican restaurant chain. He loved working there and realized that a restaurant would be his dream. It was there as a teenager that Joel met Ernesto Garcia who later became Dos Chiles’ head chef.

Joel worked throughout the 80’s and 90’s alongside his father’s business and in other business management ventures of his own. One of his business trips in the late 1990’s took him through the town of Bridgeport, Texas. On that trip, Joel noticed a small BBQ restaurant outside the city limits that had recently closed its doors. With only 10 tables and lease of $500 a month, Joel decided this was perfect place to launch his restaurant dream. Joel sold off his interest in a small business and took the plunge. Dos Chiles was born!

In 1998, Bridgeport did not have another Mexican restaurant, so Dos Chiles became an instant hit. Continuing in the family tradition, Joel’s mother showed him how to cook beans, tamales and other Mexican cuisine.  When a larger local country diner inside the Bridgeport city limits closed its doors about a year later, Joel was able to purchase this 125-seat location and offer the head chef position to his old friend, Ernesto Garcia from Joel’s first Mexican restaurant job.

In 2002, Joel invited his younger brother, Frank, to join the business. Frank took the same path as Joel working nearly every position available at the restaurant to gain a full understanding of this growing family business.


In 2003, Joel was offered another country diner in Boyd, Texas. With younger-brother Frank as the manager, Dos Chiles 2nd location was born. In 2004, a café owner in Bowie, Texas made a similar offer to the Dos Chiles team and a 3rd location was opened. The Dos Chiles family of restaurants continued to enjoy great success over the next 8 years highlighted by the construction and launch of a brand new building in Bridgeport in 2009 and the launch of the newest store in Graham, Texas in June of 2012.

The Dos Chiles tradition and flavor continues with fond memories of that small, store-front tortilleria in small-town Mexico. The De leon family works daily to mirror their parents’ and grandparents’ work ethic and commitment to quality, value and authentic Mexican flavor.


a family tradition

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Sunday - Thursday:

  10:30am - 9:00pm

Friday & Saturday:

 10:30am - 9:30pm

   * GRAHAM opens at 11:00am

   * BOYD closes at 9:00pm on Friday & Saturday

   and at 3:00pm on Sunday

   * BRIDGEPORT opens at 8:30am on Sat. & Sun.


Bowie:   940.872.4909

Boyd:   940.433.3322

Bridgeport:   940.683.6566


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